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At Seawind Meadows, we believe the best breeding stock performs strongly in confirmation, structural movement, and docile dispositions. All heifers are led on halters and socialized by youth during calf-hood. Seawind heifers are proudly owned and exhibited by youth across America at various 4H, youth, jackpot, multibreed, and Highland expositions.



DOB: 02/28/2018

AHCA Reg#: 57,363

SWM Clodia hails from SWM's top-performing breeding line, highlighting strong movement that has praised her siblings to champion titles in jackpot, AOB, and highland show rings.

Clodia is a spunky lady and an incredible converter. This lady is ready to hit your 2020 show circuit or kick back as a steady producer in your pasture. 


DAM: Flathead's Sileas

SIRE: STR Optimus Prime


-2020 NWSS National Junior Yearling Champion

-2019 Cornhusker Classic: Reserve Junior Yearling

-2019 NEHCA Show: Reserve Grand Female

-2018 Big E Reserve Grand 4H Breeding Heifer


DOB: 05/02/2018
​AHCA Reg#: 58,066

This structurally correct heifer shows great promise in the ring and for your future foundation herd. This heifer is docile, honest, and easy having completed in multiple 4H and junior showmanship rings. Aria's dam, Almosta Farm Samantha has been a leading producer claiming AHCA Impact Dam status, a trait flashy Ms.Aria can bring to your herd!

Thank you to the Redd Family, Snowthistle Ranch of Lake George, CO!

DAM: Almosta Farm Samantha, AHCA Impact Dam
SIRE: STR Optimus Prime
​- Granddaughter of Gusgurlach of Windrush -6015

- Great-Granddaughter of Homeboy of Five Star Farm


DOB: 01/26/2019

AHCA Reg#: S73

SOVEREIGN: 50% Highland, 50% Shorthorn

Talk about one unique lot! SWM Nirvana is one of the American Highland Cattle Association's first double registry sovereign heifers. Nirvana is a long-bodied female offering the Highland influence thick hair on a shorthorn red coat along with the faster growing high-bred vigor!

Nirvana's dual registration with the AHCA Sovereign & the American Shorthorn Plus registry qualifies her for both breed standard expositions. Nirvana's shorthorn breeding traces back to the respected Cate's Farm. 

SWM Nirvanna offers a great opportunity for youth looking to purchase a registered cross-bred female.


DAM: Cate's Farm Mirage

SIRE: STR Optimus Prime


DOB: 03/18/2015

AHCA Reg#: 54,125
Time Is Now is the daughter of Seawind April's Nick of Time. Time's sire, Gordon of Blackwatch was a smaller framed traditional highland bull. Time is Now has a phenomenal docile disposition and bred to STR Optimus Prime, she is perfect for beginner handlers. 

Bred to STR Optimus Prime for a 2021 calf

Looking for a traditional Scottish look? Here is one friendly, smaller framed scored heifer that highlights the older traditional Scottish build complete with a very thick wind catching coat.


DAM: Seawind April's Nick of Time 

  • 2011 NWSS Reserve Champion Female

  • 2012 NAILE Grand Champion Female

  • 2012 NAILE Grand Junior Breeding Heifer

SIRE: Gordon of Blackwatch


DOB: 04/10/2020

AHCA Reg#: pending

Born on Good Friday along with an Allan Jackson song inspired name, it is time to add Good Times into your herd! 'Goodie' is a friendly, blonde, and structurally April calf..and also, Seawind's only 2020 heifer calf! This young heifer comes from a very traditional line of Scottish genetics: deep-bodied, lower to the ground, and moderate framed. 


DAM: SWM Time Is Now 

SIRE: STR Optimus Prime


DOB: 04/09/2019

AHCA Reg#: pending

Docile disposition, deep red, and a promising herd foundation female? Aquinnah is the daughter of Almosta Farm Samantha, an AHCA Impact Dam.

Aquinnah is full siblings to SWM Bristol Aria, featured above!

DAM: Almosta Farm Samantha

 - AHCA Impact Dam

 - Homeboy of Five Star Farm, Great-Granddaughter
SIRE: STR Optimus Prime

Bulls for Sale



DOB: 11/05/2014

AHCA Reg#: 53739

Optimus Prime is a nationally accoladed deep-bodied proven bull offering sound structural movement and muscle development for your current breeding heifers. This docile, deep red and brindle marked bull is deep in the rib and is the 2020 NWSS National Get of Sire Highland bull. Optimus culminated in his show career as the 2016 NWSS Reserve Grand Champion Highland Bull.

Optimus genetics are impressive including his sire- Gusgurlach of Windrush, and McDonald of Esk on his dam's side.


Seawind is excited to offer non-sexed STR Optimus Prime semen at $50/ straw

Buyers cover shipping costs and shipping logistics.


-2020 NWSS: Get of Sire Bull

-2020 NWSS: Best Pair of Heifers

-2020 NWSS: Best 3 Head

-2019 NY State Fair: Grand Champion Bull, Grand Champion Cow/ Calf

-2018 NEHCA Show: Reserve Champion Female, Grand Champion Cow Calf

-2018 Maine Youth Show: Reserve Champion AOB Female
-2018 Big E Expo: Reserve Grand Champion 4H Breeding Heifer
-2018 Fryeburg Fair: Champion AOB Spring Heifer Calf, Champion AOB Get Of Sire

~    SWM PRIME TIME    ~


DOB: 01/04/2019

AHCA Reg#: 58798

It is the prime time to bring SWM Prime Time genetics into your herd! While Prime is only a calf, he already holds three champion show titles under his show halter! This young prospect bull is extremely docile. This young bull was shown by first-year 4Her's at our county fair, talk about a very calm young bull.  

If your herd is in need of a quality and easy to handle bull, SWM Prime Time is the prospect bull for you!


DAM: Seawind April's Nick of Time; 2012 NWSS, Reserve Grand Champion Female, 2013 NWSS, Grand Champion Junior Breeding Heifer

SIRE: STR Optimus Prime; 2016 NWSS Grand Champion Bull


-2019 NEHCA, Reserve Grand Champion Bull

-2019 NEHCA, Grand Champion Cow-Calf

-2019 MAHA Spring Classic, Grand Champion Cow-Calf

-2019 NY State Fair, Grand Champion Bull, AND Grand Champion Cow-Calf 



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